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Submission Guidelines


Thank you for contribution. As a resource from the lncRNA community for the lncRNA community, the database relies on individual efforts to annotate new non-coding elements in the genome.

For any enquires, please contact lncrnadb at




Step 1: lncRNA Nomenclature


  1. Please enter the name of the lncRNA and any known aliases associated with it.



Step 2: References and Publications


This field is mandatory and will allow us to better curate your entries. Furthermore, information provided in this section can be used for in-text citations in the other sections of the form.

  1. Please enter the PUBMED publication ids (seven or eight digits after "PMID:") that you entry is based on. 
  2. Please seperate each entry by new line or with commas/whitespace.
  3. After entering your list of pubmed ids, press "validate". This will ensure that your entries are correct.
  4. Once the validation is completed, a table containing your references will be populated and you can check whether they are correct.
  5. You may make corrections to your references by editing the text box below and re-selecting the validation button.


Step 3: Annotation Contents


Please enter the contents with regards to your entry. For in-text referencing, please enclose the reference number on your reference list above with ** 


IMPORTANT: If you change your references above, your links will NOT be automatically updated.



Step 4: Associated Components


  1. Please list any interacting partners (if any) that you have found with your entry. 
  2. To do so, please select the button below and add the fields respectively.


Step 5: Species


  1. Please enter the species where the lncRNA was identified.
  2. Species are grouped according to the clade and family they belong to. If the species of choice is not found, please tick the checkbox and enter the details manually.
  3. For more infromation regarding the genome build and the coordinates please refer to


Step 6: Sequence Information


Please the sequence of the lncRNA if available. If any accession id is available, please enter them accordingly.


Step 7: Fill in Captcha and Submit!


Please fill your email and the captcha form below. When you press submit your entry will be verified and you should receive a confirmation email.